Name of Product: Lewis Luxury Charging Dock for Apple Devices

Price: PhP 499 with 3 months warranty (Technopop)

Color: Champagne Gold

What’s inside the box: Charging dock with the built in cable

I’ve been an avid fan of apple products and not really a hardcore fan of their accessories since they are very pricey and we all know that the lightning cables just give up on us in less that a year. (just like your ex)  I was browsing through Facebook and saw this item from Kim Store. So I decided to pick it up from the Technopop store in Blue Bay near MOA. Staff is very friendly and helpful, they answered all the questions that I had, except as to why my ex left me. HAHA! By the way, there are different colors to choose from(all iPhone colors), so just be careful in choosing because you might end up with the wrong person, errr I mean wrong color. LOL

So moving on and letting go, I got the item and hurriedly went home to test it. Good news is, even if it’s not that expensive, it has this premium look and feel. I got a gold one because obviously my phone is gold. LOL. so I excitedly opened the box just like how I opened my heart so easily. haha! I untied the cable wrap and tested the charging with my 12-watts apple adapter first, juiced up  my phone pretty quick. and another good feature is, I didn’t need to remove my shock-proof case! It just accepted my phone like how I accepted my ex’s feelings without hesitation. LOL. So, to check if really is capable of the Sync function, I tried hooking it up with my lappy and voila! iTunes just sync’d and used my phone’s data connection.

No issues on the Sync and Charge functionality, this is also MFi certified so even if we get iOS updates, our phones will still charge and Sync with our computers. Only downside is, no earphone port so you either use a bluetooth headset or get the airpods! haha! You can contach Kim Store and Technopop for orders and reservations!

This is so worth all the effort and money, unlike your previous relationship. So order yours now HAHA!

PS: You cannot return the item if you’re not satisfied, it’s not like love, you can’t just tell the seller that you’re not happy and they would break up with you, errr return your payment. LOL

Overall product rating: EXCELLENT





Have you ever thought of leaving your job because the people you love working with decided to leave? I don’t know if it’s just me experiencing separation anxiety. A lot of stuff has happened at work, the good ones are starting to leave and it’s really frustrating when I start to think that I’m being left behind because I’m choosing not to let go–YET.

The thing is, I’m good with what I do and I still like what I’m doing. So I don’t see any immediate reason for me to file for that dreaded resignation. In a week’s time the entire G.O.A.L Team will be totally gone, and I think it’s starting to sink in. Those fun and challenging days that we’ve had as a team will just be a distant memory. I will be getting new colleagues of course, but it will never be the same. I will forever miss those times when Trish would suddenly panic because something’s wrong with her PC or the system, those times when Eumir would just overthink stuff and complicate things that are just plain and simple, the times when Anthony forgets that he has an orientation to do and we end up panicking and covering for him. The missing pens, resumés, staplers and applicant profiles. I’m pretty sure that we have never been the perfect team, we had our ups and downs. Imagine siblings arguing, throwing and slamming stuff like resume’s, app forms, monitors and CPU’s at each other. haha! It’s always been a riot when were together. One this is for sure, the GOAL team is a family, we help and cover for each other, we support each other in every way we can. We believed in each other when everyone decided to stop believing in us, the stuff that we can do. I admit that there are times when I just wanted to give up, but when I think of these three guys, they give me the strength to keep holding on.

I know that our friendship will never be broken, distance may separate us but the bind that we have is stronger. You guys will always have a special place in my heart 🙂 I will forever miss working with you guys! The Baklaan moments and sigawan moments. I will always cherish those! I will get a new team, but I know that no one will ever be able to do things like we did:)

I salute you guys because you had the courage to finally let go and move forward. You will be shifting careers and I know you guys are gonna do really well on your new tasks!

Pahabol Sulat for the 3 of you!

IMG_0249 IMG_2117 IMG_2209

Dear Trish;

I salute you kasi you were the first one to let go and move on. I will always miss the times when we try to figure things out together. your “aha” moments when you learn something new. You will always be the “Admin queen” No one will ever be able to beat how organized you are when it comes to details. I’m happy that you’re taking on a new journey, you will never walk alone, God is holding your hand. Never let go of Him:) He has plans for you and I know that one day, you will be the UNICEF director, filling a case against Eumir because of child harrassment. char. God bless on your new life:)

Dear Eumir;

Mars, thank you for always being supportive of my showbiz career. charla! you are one of the few people that I would entrust my life with, bawasan ang pagiging overthinker okay? You’ll get new colleagues and it might take time for them to be able to make you calm down when you panic! haha. I will miss the times na may consultant ako kung pasok sa banga ang mga trainees natin at sa pag offer natin ng Longganisa at iPhone data plans sa cute trainees. haha! Padalhan mo ko ng mga goodies from BGC okay? haha! I will always be here for you, sitting at my work station will never be the same without you:)

Dear Anthony;

Wag ka maarte, sa kabilang building ka lang! haha. I never really thought that I would open up to a straight guy like you. I will never forget the time when you comforted me when I was having relationship problems. Thank you for listening to my endless rants about life. I know that you’ll do really well as an executive search person. It’s your time to shine now. I will always be here for you, just one call away.

To the three of you:

Thank you for the friendship. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me. I may not show it all the time, but you guys will always be a family to me. If I don’t get the post I applied for, sitting at our work area will never be the same. I will miss our kulitan moments, the way we complain and rant at the same time. How we cover for each other’s ass when something goes wrong. Mahal ko kayo:) leche naiiyak ako. hahah.

It’s been a while since i last wrote something here. Things have been really crazy! Life has been good to me, Dan’s back and we’re living together:)  I got to meet a lot of people and gain new friends this past few months. All thanks to twitter! 


As of this writing I am stuck in a remote island somewhere in the West Philippine Sea. A.K.A. Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. Haha! Makaarte akala mo ang layo. LOL. I’m with 8 people that I just met. Haha. 
It’s my second time to go out of town for the Holy week and I’m havin a really good time! Trying to unwind after a stressful time at work, my team is really stressed out with everything and most of them started to look for other opportunities outside the company. I’m starting to worry because if they leave, i might push thru with going full time in school and leaving the company sooner than expected. I decided to go out of town to think about everything, i hope this helps:) Island is so far from civilization that we don’t have cellular signal and no electricity. It’s really peaceful but it’s starting to get annoying when i wanna check what’s happening outside the island and there’s no way for me to do it. Haha. Total darkness and super quiet, way better than the hundred island experience because there’s a lot of space and there’s fresh water! Haha. I tried trekking and it’s really not for me! I’m totally out of shape! Haha halfway up the trail, I started getting cramps. Lol. So i just took a few shots and started headin back. Yeah, i chickened out. Lol. Time is really slow here! 


I was able to relax big time! It’s my third day here and i just want to extend and just live here for another week! Haha! Sand and water is calling me again! I have to hit the beach in a bit! I’ll upload some of the pics here:) might need to blur some of the faces coz these people are very private:) see you soon! 

This post is long overdue! haha! anyway, this trip was planned months ahead but we never really talked about what we are gonna do there. LOL. 2 days prior to our departure, my travel-buddy started doing research and planning everything. haha! Credits to him:)

We decided to take the earliest flight heading to Cebu since according to research, it’s gonna take at least 6 hours from the Mactan International Airport (including the transfers) to get to the island itself. We left Manila around 0630H and got to Cebu around 0710H
Welcome to Cebu:)

as soon as we got to the airport, we immediately took the cab heading to the North Terminal (200PHP), please make sure to prepare (15PHP/person) for the terminal fee. There are 2 ways for you to get to the Hagnaya Wharf, you can take the Bus(150PHP) will take 3-4 Hrs. or the Van (160PHP) 2-3 hrs. Now, if you have a lot of stuff, I suggest you take bus, there isn’t much room for you to place your luggage:)

Once you get to the Hagnaya Wharf, there are no ATM’s and not a lot of stuff to buy, there are a lot of Sari-sari stores and a bakery if you’re hungry. There is a terminal fee of (10PHP), you are going to take the ferry that’s supposed to go to Sta Fe Port. (160PHP) the trip is gonna take 45 Mins to 1 hr. Seeing the island from afar is truly breath taking, the white sand and pristine waters was just perfect!

View from the Ferry:)

If you made reservations prior to getting there, Resorts would usually have their Tricycles pick you up from the port. Terminal Fee(10PHP)

Sta Fe Port

We chose to stay in Budyong Beach Resort since a good friend of mine recommended it to us, our beach front home for 3 days cost us 1500(PHP) per night, 2 queen sized beds, with AC. No other amenities inside the room:), it was just perfect, we went there to unwind and relax.

Cottage, Back View

Back View

Cottage-Front View

Cottage-Front View

Say hi to my Travel Buddy:) haha! The weird thing was despite of not doing anyything, we didn’t get bored! we just listened to the waves, watched the sunset on the first day, aside from the never ending food-trip which is the first thing we do when we’re together! so, we had lunch at one of the resto-bars in Bantayan, the food was good and at the same time, very affordable:) there’s not a lot of things to do in Bantayan, the bars are ok but it’s nowhere near the party scene in Boracay.  The most common mode of transportation is the motorcycle or the jeepneys. You can rent the motorcycle for (300PHP)/24 hrs. it’s really fun if you wanna tour the island, no traffic and the fresh air is really relaxing.



We went around the island for more than 2 hrs, but we weren’t able to see everything, it was a bit huge and it was starting to get dark, no streetlights:)  so we just decided to have dinner at this very cozy restaurant. The food is a bit pricey but worth it. we ordered enough food to feed a group of 5. haha! the pizza was delish!


We had a few bottles before we decided to head home and get some sleep, after 2 days in the island we are finally going to dive and enjoy the water:D The sand was super nice, water was clean and the waves were very gentle.

Sand and Slippers:)

Sand and Slippers:)

My travel buddy

My travel buddy

I will not post a photo of myself kasi baka mapagkamalan na may balyenang naanod sa beach lol. say hi to my sexy travel buddy:)

I would suggest that you visit Bantayan island if you want a peaceful vacation. pang Eat, Pray, Love and peg!



“I deserve an explanation. I deserve an acceptable reason.” 

as Tony Gonzaga uttered her lines, tears started to fall. Again and again I am reminded of all the pain, all the hurt.

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last talked. I don’t really now what happened, I kept on asking myself why and what caused all of this. I can still remember the last time we talked, you never said that you loved me back when I told you that I love you. I should have taken that as a sign, I wanted to ask you if there was something wrong but the fear of hearing the answer got the best of me.

You suddenly left me hanging on thin air, now I don’t really know what to do. The past 8 years I spent with you was the best years of my life, how I decided to become a better person because you inspired me so much. I wanted to give you the best of this world, those things and experiences that you never had when you were growing up. I saw that this was coming, I just chose to make myself believe that there is forever. I held on to the promises we made, we will always hold on to each other.

I never really knew that it would hurt that much, I always thought that after all those things that I’ve gone thru, it would be enough to build myself an armor that would make me immune to all the pain. I guess this is the best time to accept the fact that there is no such thing as forever. I need to start letting go, I need to set my heart free. No matter how difficult this is, I have to do it. After you refused to answer all the emails, iMessages and phone calls, I’m taking everything as a sign that you don’t want to hold on to me anymore.  I was just hoping that you would give me the benefit of knowing what really happened, I thought after all those years of being together you could have given me the benefit of knowing the reason and why.

As I write this post, I feel like my chest is about to explode. You have no idea how difficult it is to pretend that I’m ok and show everyone that nothing is wrong. Beneath all the smiles and laughter, my heart is shattered and I am broken.

I guess what they say is true, all good shows must come to an end.

Once again I quote a movie line, “how do I unlove you?”

The Anniversary

ImageToday marks another milestone in our relationship. I would like to write this post just for you, the person who showed me my real worth, the person that taught me how to love, and be loved. The one who helped me become the person that I am now, my number one supporter, my knight and shimmering armor. My one and only:)

I can clearly remember how you held my hand the first time we met in that bus, how perfectly my hand fits yours, how you smiled and got my number. (ang ganda ko kasi) haha! Bhe, you will always be God’s best gift to me. I just wanna take this time to say sorry for almost giving up on what we had, those times when I wanted to stop loving you because I was hurting so much. Being away from you for the longest time and being the LDR queen of the century almost took its toll on what I prayed for before we met. I know this is really cheesy and all, but I seriously feel that a post that’s dedicated to my special someone is long overdue.

These past few days made me think how lucky I am for meeting you, my “life partner” sabi nga ni andy and kuya mugs:)  I am one of those few that was given the chance to meet the person that I’m supposed to spend my life with. I can’t imagine myself growing old without you, the person that I see myself holding on to for the rest of my life. You have loved me unconditionally, I always thought that only parents can give that kind of love. You proved me wrong:) kasi sa lahat ng bagay, laging ako ang inuuna mo, I am very thankful kasi you never gave up on me, you always made sure to stick to your promise na “walang iwanan” .

It’s going to be another year without you by my side, but I promise that I will hold on just like always. I love you bhe and Happy Anniversary:) I know this is super cheesy and all, pero just this once, I wanna say I love you again:)nabasa mo na papa, I deleted your pic na hihi

It’s all about A.

Since it’s your 18th Birthday, at hindi kita maipagluluto ng napakasarap kong ispageyti na nagtetrending, this post is all about you @dhouseboy 🙂

Biktima ng Rape Shot :)

Biktima ng Rape Shot 🙂

Codename: @dhouseboy aka Labs:)

Status: In a relationship–with a memory (char!)

how we met: Grindr(EChos). A and I met officially via twitter. I’ve been his blog stalker ever since the world began, I was always a lurker, I never replied or posted anything on his blogsite. Not until one day, nalaman ko na crush niya pala ang super friend ko. Eh alam nyo naman ako, feeling millionaire match-maker, I tried to set up a date for them. Pero siyempre, I had to meet him muna. So, same night after an exchange of twitter DM’s, He agreed to have dinner with me at Tony Roma’s  ATC. Infer kay labs, nakakstarstruck ang ganda niya:D. Birthday nya, wag na kayo umalma. hihih!

What Makes Him Unique: Labs, is one of the few people that I can sit beside with and not check my phone the entire time. I remember the times when he would visit me in Trinoma while at work, and he would just sit beside me and talk about the cute boys that pass by:) (namiss ko to ah!). We can make chika the entire day and not notice lumipas na ang isang full shift. Naalala ko pa nung pinakilala ko si Baby Ogreen sa kanya, inofferan niya ng scholarship sa ateneo! buti na lang mas maganda ako sa kanya! haha! Umorder kami ng food for 6 people, he ended up bringing everything home. lol! ayan kasi kalandian, oo lang ng oo sa suggestion ni ogreen. Pero seriously, A is one of the nicest people I’ve met, he is the one I run to when I need some scolding. napaka kunsintidora nga lang. haha!

What We Have In Common: Aside from being both pretty and Malandi, I guess what makes us connect is how we view things in life. We both have emo-times but we always end up laughing it off. We can just sit down and do boy-watching the entire day and never get bored!

Our Differences: Labs is the only person I know na kahit galit na eh sobrang malumanay pa din magsalita, parang walang evil cell sa katawan! Ako naman, the exact opposite! So pag magkasama kami, we cancel each other out. haha! He is super patient, he can survive a boring day ng di nanonood ng sine, ako naman movie house junkie haha! Super conservative si labs, kumbaga, dalagang-filipina. Ako naman super kabaliktaran! haha!

Pahabol Sulat:


Dear Labs, 

We are a thousand miles apart, pero I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always  be here for you. We may not be able to talk that often dahil busy ka sa buhay artista mo sa SG. Isang text at tawag mo lang kahit anong oras kakausapin kita:) You are one of the most treasured friends that I have, I consider you as a part of my family now. I miss you so much! Ingat ka lagi and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you again:)