At The Crossroads

crossroadsIt’s been a while since I posted something here, life has been pretty complicated. In 3 months time I’ll be a year older, I’m starting to think of the opportunities that came and I didn’t grab, the things that I could have done differently, the time that I wasted and what could have happened if I chose a different career path. I’m starting with the What-If’s again. Sheesh!

Life has been pretty challenging for me this year. I started to feel how difficult it is to earn and save money since I am now fully independent, I pay for my sister’s education plus my work out-expenses. The good thing about this is, I learned how to save and not to splurge on so much stuff that I don’t really need. I’m so thankful that Dan never hesitates to help me out when I need it. But of course, I wouldn’t depend on him all the time. I am employed and it’s not right to use his earnings for my needs.

I am seriously thinking of looking for other career opportunities that would help me save up. I’ve been with the same company for 9 years now! Haha! As much as I want to look for another employer, I always end up backing out. I am very happy with what I do, but my financial obligations just get heavier everyday. What should I do? Haay. I seriously need your opinion on this. Should I give up my passion and pursue another career path? I envy my sister Ems because she took the leap and left her comfort zone. Hopefully I muster enough courage to do that soon.

I know that I’m still young and there are a lot of stuff that can happen. I just hope I’m making the correct decisions. haay. baka naman birthday blues lang to. haha. ang aga ah! ayun. I missed writing. Since, I found out that I don’t have a lot of friends that I can depend on, I better start letting go of some of them. EOF na. ayun. wala lang:), till my next post!


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While reading my daily devotion today, God revealed one of his plans for me. This time it would require a huge amount of effort, control and patience. He wants me to give up something that I’ve gotten used to. But I’m going to do this for Him. I don’t know what lies ahead for me, but I know my God is with me, and he is going to help me. I will claim his promises. 🙂 please do pray for me. I’m gonna need it:)


It was my first time to host a beach wedding. I was in awe when I saw the set-up, It was super romantic! I never thought that it was going to be that nice, since the sun was still up around 5PM! Talk about tan lines! Haha! I sat beside my mom while the ceremony was going on. Hearing my cousin’s vows made me cry! It wasn’t cheesy but the decade they spent together and how they chose to hold on and fight for their relationship was beyond sweet!

Getting married was never a part of my plan, but after attending this wedding i realized that i would want hold Dan’s hand in front of my family and friends while we exchange vows. And if ever same sex marriage would be legalized here (asa pa!). I’ll keep my fingers crossed. LOL! I’ll do the most creative marriage proposal! Haha! para magtrend din kami sa twitter. Chos! Haha. I wanna do a pre-nup shoot din! LOL. Inggitera ako e, bakit ba? Haha. I miss dan tuloy. Haay.

The reception will somehow be like this minus the pink lights, lol. I prefer white and silver lang. Haha!

Ang cute ng cake no? The newlyweds are doctors and they met during their internship 🙂 I’m just thinking kasi sa bus kami nagkakilala ni Dan, so bus din yung cake? Haha!

Oh, BTW! Small world, my Archer turned out to be my nephew’s barkada! Haha! Wala lang. Hampopogi ng guests! Sayang di ako unattend nung stag party! Haha!

Homey 2.0

8 months ago, I almost acquired diabetes. Took lots of meds amounting to 14k per month, blood sugar wasn’t near normal, according to my diabetologist, i needed a total lifestyle change. So she pushed me to live an active lifestyle. I joined fitness first and started working out. I decided that I should start loving myself more, did a twice-a-day work out routine, burned a lot of body fat and calories. The fat and unhealthy homey is gone now.


I really can’t believe that I used to be that big! From XL to Medium-sized shirts! And I actually wore my first ever small-sized shirt yesterday! Haha! Awesome isn’t it? I guess God used my condition to start reminding me that he had a lot of plans for me! So if you’re big and you want to lose weight, remember the quote that’s written on all Fitness First Health Clubs. “Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going”

Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it:) Go lang ng Go! Let’s fight Jubeesity! Work-out na! Of course I wouldn’t be able to do this by myself, My PT, Ian and Mark helped me in coming up with work out routines, my Nutritionist Kirsten gave me all the diet plans! 🙂 So if you need a gym-bud, let me know, Fitness First is my only choice:)

This is the first time that I used my phone to blog:) so forgive mh formatting if it’s a bit uneven:)

These past few weeks, I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting and trying to think about some stuff. It’s been a while since I had time to waste and enjoy the things that I used to do. I miss the times when Dan suddenly asks if we could go to a nearby coffee shop and just sit there while we watch cute guys pass by. haha! So, I decided to go to Eastwood and hang out. Then I saw this super sweet couple with their super cute friends, nainggit ako bigla. hahaha! I realized that it’s been a long time since I did that with my friends. I know that they have their own stuff goin on so I don’t really bother asking them to hang out anymore. I usually read their tweets and just wonder how they’ve been, the usual church Sundays with them is now a thing of the past. I now go to VCF Greenhills alone on Sundays. We no longer do dinner and coffee dates. I still try to get in touch, but then again everyone else is just too busy with their own lives. so there, I guess I miss them.

I’m usually the guy who is not afraid to meet new people. I guess it is normal since it’s a part of my job as a recruiter. LOL! So when I saw one of my twitter buds post something about a late night hang out, I decided to step out at 1AM and go to BK-Marcos Hwy to meet Francis and Von, at first I thought they were dating. haha! but it turns out that they’re just super close friends. After 45 Minutes we moved to Mc Donald’s Trinoma to meet Nico, a super cool kid who’s not afraid to try stuff. haha! we didn’t realize that we’ve been talking for hours and didn’t feel sleepy not until it started to get super cold and that’s when we decided to head home. A few hours after, Francis and I met up again for lunch and we went to VCF Greenhills! haha! never knew that he was with VCF as well, really cool since we’re neighbors, we can just go together every week! haha. a week has passed and we’ve been in touch for a week, never had plans of hangin out again, not until last night. haha!

I called Francis to ask if he wanted to attend the 4PM service since he didn’t have work, so we went to church and we invited Von to go with us. We were supposed to go home  after dinner when suddenly another twitter friend wanted to meet Francis, so we went to Araneta to meet him.  That’s when I met Nel, Super cool and funny guy as well, super food trip and fast-food hopping till 3AM! haha! to think that we had work the following day!

Never thought I would meet a new set of friends with super dynamic personalities in a span of two weeks, and it seemed like we’ve known each other for years! I just wish our friendship would last for a long time:) Friends come and go, but I really hope these guys would be here for the next few years 🙂


a few months back, I met Mark via grindr. I was having coffee at ATC when my phone gave the familiar beep. I checked on his profile, he was cute! hahah! He wanted to hang out, and  didn’t want to go home daw. Being the super friendly me, I said yes. After a few minutes, someone tapped my shoulder. It was him! his picture didn’t look like him, he was super hot! haha! oh wait! we didn’t hook up ok? haha! defensive lang! 

So we started to talk, and then he asked if I could help him, I was a bit hesitant but I said yes. akala ko financial help! lol! apparently, he just found out that his dad was gay. SHOCKING NEWS! wait till you read the part on HOW he found out. So here it goes.

Being human and gay, I’m sure you guys know that there are times when you just want to release your… (body heat) wholesome blog! lol! So, Mark was online via PR. His pic was semi-nude, (neck to knee shot) oh and he has super defined abs! The usual Chime alert bleeped. He had 16 messages. He checked the pictures and messages one by one, and what caught his attention was the “hey, you’re really hot. wanna cum over and fuck me?, My place is free”. Mark was a sucker for moreno guys, so he immediately replied. He asked for a face pic, the guy sent him face pics and body shots to entice him. Guess what? it was his Dad! imagine how he felt! At first he thought that it might just be a friend who’s tryin to mess with him. So he asked agreed to comeover and asked for the complete address. His Dad, gave him their “apartment-for-rent” address. He didn’t know what to do, but he had to find out if it was true. So he stepped out of his room, and asked his mom where his dad was. oh, and yes, dad was at the apartment “fixing something”. So that confirms it. He is gay! Mark was on the verge of crying, he didn’t know what else to do. So he grabbed his car keys and drove all the way to ATC. He didn’t want to see his dad when he gets home. 

Thinking about the situation, I know it was really hard. Awkward. Imagine the person that you looked up to, the guy you respected since birth. Suddenly asks you to enter him. tsk tsk! What would you do? 

While we were talking, he started to cry. I didn’t know what to say. I was speechless, and I prayed that this doesn’t happen to me. If you were in his situation, what would you do?