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It’s all about A.

Since it’s your 18th Birthday, at hindi kita maipagluluto ng napakasarap kong ispageyti na nagtetrending, this post is all about you @dhouseboy 🙂

Biktima ng Rape Shot :)

Biktima ng Rape Shot 🙂

Codename: @dhouseboy aka Labs:)

Status: In a relationship–with a memory (char!)

how we met: Grindr(EChos). A and I met officially via twitter. I’ve been his blog stalker ever since the world began, I was always a lurker, I never replied or posted anything on his blogsite. Not until one day, nalaman ko na crush niya pala ang super friend ko. Eh alam nyo naman ako, feeling millionaire match-maker, I tried to set up a date for them. Pero siyempre, I had to meet him muna. So, same night after an exchange of twitter DM’s, He agreed to have dinner with me at Tony Roma’s  ATC. Infer kay labs, nakakstarstruck ang ganda niya:D. Birthday nya, wag na kayo umalma. hihih!

What Makes Him Unique: Labs, is one of the few people that I can sit beside with and not check my phone the entire time. I remember the times when he would visit me in Trinoma while at work, and he would just sit beside me and talk about the cute boys that pass by:) (namiss ko to ah!). We can make chika the entire day and not notice lumipas na ang isang full shift. Naalala ko pa nung pinakilala ko si Baby Ogreen sa kanya, inofferan niya ng scholarship sa ateneo! buti na lang mas maganda ako sa kanya! haha! Umorder kami ng food for 6 people, he ended up bringing everything home. lol! ayan kasi kalandian, oo lang ng oo sa suggestion ni ogreen. Pero seriously, A is one of the nicest people I’ve met, he is the one I run to when I need some scolding. napaka kunsintidora nga lang. haha!

What We Have In Common: Aside from being both pretty and Malandi, I guess what makes us connect is how we view things in life. We both have emo-times but we always end up laughing it off. We can just sit down and do boy-watching the entire day and never get bored!

Our Differences: Labs is the only person I know na kahit galit na eh sobrang malumanay pa din magsalita, parang walang evil cell sa katawan! Ako naman, the exact opposite! So pag magkasama kami, we cancel each other out. haha! He is super patient, he can survive a boring day ng di nanonood ng sine, ako naman movie house junkie haha! Super conservative si labs, kumbaga, dalagang-filipina. Ako naman super kabaliktaran! haha!

Pahabol Sulat:


Dear Labs, 

We are a thousand miles apart, pero I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always  be here for you. We may not be able to talk that often dahil busy ka sa buhay artista mo sa SG. Isang text at tawag mo lang kahit anong oras kakausapin kita:) You are one of the most treasured friends that I have, I consider you as a part of my family now. I miss you so much! Ingat ka lagi and I’m looking forward to hanging out with you again:) 


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